Grant Ball Photography

My love of music is what got me into photography in the first place and the first photos on this site are of some the bands I've seen.


I have been influenced by a number of photographers and each has affected my photography. André Kertez once said that a photographer should learn to photograph everything. There are limits.


Some of my "silver" heros include: Bill Brandt, Edward Weston, Brett Weston, Ansel Adams, Jerry Uelsmann, Minor White, André Kertész, Henri Cartier Bresson, Irving Penn, Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, Jim Marshall, Annie Leibovitz and many others.


This is my  website and it will be added to from time to time. I'm constantly shooting and I've got negatives and slides that I have yet to scan. A treasure trove of stuff. Things I've forgotten I photographed, it happens to dinosaurs. Stay tuned. This is a site in progress


Self Portrait 2012